Owner Information for Tag ID TTVYSX
Owner's name Test Person
Owner's email address info@smart-tags.eu
Owner's telephone Not published
Owner's mobile Not published
Owner's address UK

Owner's secondary address Apartment #123
The Tall Building
New York
New York
Owner's alternate telephone numbers 123456789
Tag information:  
Welcome, and thanks for checking out just how a Smart-Tag works!

In this section I can add details of my travel itinerary, for example:

BA0001 LCY/JFK ETD 0950H ETA 1420H

01/01/15 to 05/01/15
Waldorf Astoria, 301 Park Avenue, NY 10022-6897

BA0004 JFK/LCY ETD 2155H ETA 1005H (06-JAN-16)

OR I could just add some basic information like:

Thanks for finding my bag. Smart-Tags automatically alerted me to the fact that my bag has been found - if you could add a message below to let me know how I can contact you to retrieve my bag I'd really appreciate it!!

You can see that only certain personal information is shown - personal information that says "not available" means that I've disabled these particular items!!
You can let the owner know you've found this item and how to reclaim it by sending a secure message below. You need to make sure you give the owner information about how to contact you or where they can go to collect their item. The owner of this tag will get your message via email but may also get it as an SMS text so you may wish to keep your message brief.

If you think Smart-Tags are a great idea and would like to get some for yourself you can find full details on our web site at www.smart-tags.eu

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Smart-Tags are advanced, web-enabled luggage tags, key tags, property tags that can be read using a smartphone or web browser. Smart-Tags are smart luggage tags, smart key tags, smart property tags - they're high-tech luggage tags, high-tech key tags, high-tech property tags. When someone finds your lost property they simply scan the tag with their smartphone or enter the tag code into a web browser. Each Smart-Tag is encoded with a unique ID embedded into a QR code for scanning.

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